माझ्या एका मित्राचे निधन अचानक ३७ वर्षी झाले .त्याचा २०००० रू मासीक खर्च होता
२ मुल व बायको होती. ५० लाख क्लेम मिळाला त्याचा प्रिमियम CMITRA च्या
 UTC स्कीम मधून भरला गेला त्यामुळे आर्थीक कोंडी टळली. UTC CMITRA क्लब ला
 जॉइन व्हा प्रीमयम आम्ही भरणार अधिक माहीती साठी कॉल 9823027212

राम व शामची गोष्ट
माझे हे दोन मित्र होते.दोघ
एकाच ठिकाणी कामाला होते.त्यांचा मासिक खर्च @२०००० रू होता.ते पगारातून भागवत.
एकदा मी कँटीन मधे चहा पित असताना त्याना रोज १० रू वाचवायचा व CMITRA CLUB ला
जॉइन होण्याचा सल्ला दिला.राम ने ऐकल पण शाम ने निष्काळजी पणा दाखवून दुर्लक्ष केल.
पुढे त्या गावात सुनामी आली व दोघे वाहून गेले. पुढे वाचा ⬇

राम ने माझा सल्ला ऐकून टर्म इन्श्युरन्स काढला असतो व
CMITRA CLUB मुळे त्याचे ५ ते६ हजार रू बचत होत असते.
विम्याची रक्कम ३० लाख रू मिळाली त्यातुन मासीक
२० हजार भागवता आला
शामच्या बायकोला भांडी घासायची वेळ आली
मुलाना शाळा सोडावी लागली
Cost of one Tea cup makes the difference

Dear Friends,
Read the message, understand the value of insurance , enlighten yourself and enlighten others.
1. We buy gold for our children's education and marriage, but we don't buy a child plan.
2. We get fear on seeing an insurance agent, rather than getting a feeling of protection.
3. Only "20 crore" Indians have got insurance policy out of "130 crores" population.
4. We buy a screen guard to protect our mobile worth 10k, but we don't insure our life which is worth more than 10 Crores.
5. We get our daughter married to an unknown person. But we think a lot when a known person advices us about taking an insurance policy.
6. We fight among ourselves on Bhagavath Githa and Khuran, but we don't realise death is "FATE"
7. We place our chappal very carefully in a stand paying Rs.5/-. But we don't feel like paying Rs. 50/- a day to insure our life.
Does you life not worth even value of your chappal?
8. We believe Babas who do "magic" but we don't believe insurance agent who guides us with "Logic".
9. We envy Govt employees for their pension facility. But we don't like saving some amount every month in a Pension policy and get pension for life time.
10. As per world census, more than 10k people everyday , do not wake up from sleep on their alarm set previous night.
Please remember only " FIRE ENGINE" comes with alarm, but "DEATH ENGINE" does not ...
11. We buy invertor to have light in our home during power off.
But you are the light to your family. Insurance policy is the invertor for your family to have light even when are not there.
12. When we die, it's LAST PAY only for us. But for family, it's just another day. They continue to live next day too.. Protect THEIR life with insuring YOUR life.
13. You know the balance in your mobile card, you know the balance in your Debit card .... Do you know ... what is the balace in your life card?
RECHARGE" your life card with insurance..,,,
Well wisher.....रवि अंतुरकर

Please  Fill

 Investment Guide
72 चा फॉरम्युला
72 भागीले  इंटरेस्ट रेट =पैैसा डबल होण्यासाठी लागणारी वर्षे
6% दर 72/6=12 वर्षे
इक्वीटी फंड रेट 18%
72/18= 4 year
उत्पन्न -खर्च= बचत
X चूक
√ बरोबर
 आपल्या मुलाना पाच प्रकारे २४ वर्षात करोडपती बनवु शकता.
प्रकार १: Rs.५००००  per year ppf  गुंतवणूक करा
 Invest  in House in 24 years  ,Value  is One crore
 Invest in Pension FUND
 Take a Term Insurance  Pl call 9823027212