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sr.No ietm Mkt Price Offer Remarks        
1 Coconut Oil 93 55                                   
2 Tofu           30/250gm 28/250 From organically grown Soya
3 jaggery      65 52 Award winning organicaly  grown
Ground Nut Rs65  sp Directly  from Farmers
Agarbatti Ch Rs15 Rs10  from Karnataka
Biscuits Priya Gold




250 gm Rs25



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Fresh from Garden Market Yard to CLUB MRMBERS

  Dear  CUSTOMERS  , When  you  buy , you  are  alone  but  in CLUB  say  Of 1000  no ,  you can negotiate that  is why we can  offer  you  BEST  prices  So pl  join वसुधैव कुटुंबकम CONSUMER CLUB